Resolving disputes

Whether you have issued a claim, or defending one, or not got to that stage we can help you.  Our approach is based on a number of factors including:

  • It’s your case, we advise you, give you options and then you make a choice.
  • Sometimes your choices are limited
  • Often timing is key

Our experience over 20 years means we recognise the  requirements of different clients, such as dealing with a probate dispute over a deathbed will or getting an injunction to protect a £30m property portfolio.

Whether your dispute can be resolved with or without the need for court proceedings, or you need to go to trial, we will advise on the strategy to adopt as well as the legal process.  This equally applies where there is a family dispute over property, an argument over legal costs or a claim for patent infringement.  Whatever the issue, we will support you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether you are an individual or a company, talk to us

‘You getting that money for me changed my life, it gave me time to retrain and I am now doing a job I love.’

Happy client

Resolving disputes

Our  hourly rates vary between £125 and £325 per hour depending on the level of fee earner, complexity of the case and the need for urgency.  We will endeavour to provide estimates ahead of work being undertaken