Insolvency advice

Insolvency is not a crime; your circumstances may differ yet many, many people before you have become insolvent.

Think about it. If you go bankrupt the following will stop pretty soon:

  • Stroppy letters
  • Harassing phone calls (often the first advice we give to people is to change their phone numbers)
  • Bailiff’s letters and stressful visits
  • Fear of the post

You will not be under public scrutiny, as bankruptcy proceedings are not held in open court and the press is not present. Although the bankruptcy is advertised, you will find that few people see the advert.

In addition, bankruptcy offers you the opportunity to start again. We must stress, however, that you should always co-operate fully with the Official Receiver or Trustee in bankruptcy and not try to avoid or conceal material or information in any way.

We also offer advice and help with important matters regarding how the bankruptcy of a spouse or business partner might affect you and/or your business.

In addition to this, we can help with matters relating to any director disqualification that may occur as a result of a bankruptcy.

Don’t forget, we will be there to guide, inform and advise you every step of the way. Take a look at the insolvency journey… for individuals – bankruptcy and companies – a winding up petition [B]

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