Academic Panels

Studying for a University degree is a serious issue. Not only do students have to cope with leaving home, managing a life-study (and increasingly work) balance that to them is completely new, but they also have to deal with unprecedented financial pressures.

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Helping students keep on top of their studies

Students are expected to complete large pieces of work, relying often on the internet as their source. Plagiarism is now a very real risk, as often these sources do not originate correctly referenced. More and more university administrators now rely on computer software such as Grammarly and TurnItIn to check whether plagiarism has occurred. Although these software programmes are supposed to be tools used as part of the investigative process, the results produced are very often treated as fact or evidence, rather than as a guide for further instigation.

If you are facing an accusation of plagiarism, or any other academic conduct issue, we can help you by:

  • Advising you on the merits of the accusation
  • Preparing statements of support in advance of any academic panel hearing, and
  • Representing you at the hearing itself.

Often, these panels sit at the end of the term or year when students are under the most pressure.

We know how serious the outcome of these panel hearings can be and we can help and guide you through this extremely stressful process.

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