About us

We help people. 
We are a small firm with a broad range of experience and expertise.

Whether our clients are individuals, small businesses or large entities we try and help our clients to get the best result for them.  Sometimes that result is not necessarily a ‘win’ but a least bad lose.  It is about being flexible, and understanding that legal services are complex, sometimes lengthy and often expensive.

Often a simple transaction can turn into a minefield due to reasons wholly beyond our client’s control.  Our role is to deal with the unexpected and steer the best path which might just mean advising the client to walk away, whether it be a company sale, a claim for unpaid invoices or making an offer to escape from unpleasant and distracting litigation.

Some of our clients are still with us since the firm started in 2001.  We aim to develop and maintain relationships which last and routes to our firm vary from referrals, repeat business or just by reading our website.  However you arrive, we will do our best to help you.

“To Robert and everyone at RHF Solicitors. Thank you so much for all the support, help and advice through some of the hardest days of my life

Dispute over proceeds from a jointly owned property

Robert Festenstein, Principal
Robert Festenstein, Principal

Establishing the practice in April 2001, I am the founding principal of RHF Solicitors and have built up considerable expertise in commercial litigation and insolvency. In August 2006 I gained my Higher Rights of Audience in Civil Proceedings, allowing me to appear in the High Court as a Solicitor Advocate and so provide a more competitive service without recourse to a barrister. I am a full member of the Insolvency Lawyers Association.

“For me representing someone’s interests is more than just representing them.”

Our services include:

Insolvency |  Commercial Litigation  |  Debt |  Solicitors fees  |  Judicial Review |  Probate  |  Share agreements  |  Business